Push-ups, Sit-ups and Sprints

When Herschel Walker was asked at the University of Georgia about his weightlifting routine, he had a curious response. He said he had never lifted a weight in his life. For those of you who do not remember Walker, he was an extremely well muscled and fast running back for the Bulldog football team in […]

Push-ups, Sit-ups and Sprints

My experience as actress, challenges and prospect, by Benue’s Ebony Diamond

*Why I won’t play nude Prima-donna or diva you may think the actress born Eunice Agwu popularly known or called by her screen name Ebony Diamond is, because of the way she speaks of her big dream. But you may be dead wrong. Being a mostly known lone actress to arise out of Igedeland in […]

My experience as actress, challenges and prospect, by Benue’s Ebony Diamond

The highs and the lows of an ever expanding industry



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Desperate for Nothing

If we were asked if we desire the world’s attention, most of us would probably say, “no.” However, there are often little things we do to betray that answer. There is a hunger for notoriety that seems to plague us all from time to time. Even as Christians, who know God and enjoy him, we still often think […]

Desperate for Nothing